Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enter: Fall 2012.

It is 7am and I am sitting in front of a fire Matt made this morning before heading out. Eloise is asleep for her first nap and Callie is curled up by my feet; she possibly loves fires more than me. We enjoyed a family breakfast this morning on account of Eloise declaring the new day at 5, bless her heart. As much as I hate mornings, I love them. Its like rainy days... I dread them coming but once they are hear, I live for the rain. I can't wait to put on a rain coat and just be outside, doing whatever I can to be fully in it. In keeping, I am really enjoying the morning: slippers, coffee, fleece blanket, watching the leaves appear outside our living room windows. Wonderful.

As an update from my last post, here are the highlights:

Eloise is 14 months old now, she is curious, sweet, funny, and like me, doesn't tolerate being hungry or tired very well. Lately shes loving books, dogs, cars, and milk.

Matt is working for himself now. He is remodeling our house on Burch Avenue and taking side jobs as they present themselves to eventually transition into his own custom carpentry business down the road. We are currently thinking of a name for the LLC. 

I am working on 3200 at Duke still- after taking 9 months off when Eloise was born, I am back almost full time. I work 5 days/2 weeks. So we swap spending days with Eloise and its going well. 

We are living in a brick house off of Erwin Road- backed up to Duke Forest. There is creek in our back yard and woods all around us. I love the location. The well water could be softer and the house could use an update to say the least... but we are happy.

I feel like I just wrote a Christmas card. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

the barn

Another go.

I recently realized that I still "have" a blog. That is- there is a place on the internet that still does contain some random thoughts of mine and is now just lingering out there in the ethos- unfinished.

So I had come back to officially delete everything and even went so far as selecting all posts and was about to click delete, and then I thought- why not give it another go?

The reality of my life is that it is not regular. I don't go to an office everyday where I have regular internet access wher I can jaunt ideas and thoughts at whim. I don't even sit at home everyday with a routine of say: coffee, breakfast, dishes, dogs, meeting a girl friend for this or that, whatever...I'm irregular at best.

I work as a nurse- so on days I work, I get up about 6am, leave by 6:30 and then get back home around 8pm- just in time to catch up on the day with my husband and go to bed for the next workday (or if not, then we go out or watch a movie and therefore-no sitting around on the computer blogging. ) On nights that I work I usually sleep the day before and after, and while during the night I might have time to sit down, I am usually wanting to either talk to the nurse next to me, or eat.

When I am not working I have time - but by the time that I have cleaned the apartment and feel recuperated from being gone from the world for 3 days, I don't feel like sitting inside or anywhere- I want to go see the world, so I usually go to shops, ride my scooter, and take my dogs on a walk, etc. Instead of sitting on my computer at home.

Excuses aside. I am going to try to do this once again because I feel that it is somewhat healthy for people to write and that is something that I do very little of. I think that writing (of any sort) causes people to pause in one place and most of the time, evaluate what they are thinking, feeling, and what they believe. I am not sure if most people believe something before they say/write it, or if in writing and saying, they find their belief. But as for me, my soul finds nourishment in retrospection, in writing and talking about what has happened in my life and how I feel about it.

As of late, a lot has happened. I feel overwhelmed about the possibility of divulging such a gross amount of random happenings. The amount that I have not thought about, and the amount of reflection that sits before me seems daunting. So maybe just one?

Where to live. ?

Matt and I had previously settled on purchasing a house on 9th street in Durham, NC. since then, we have been living in 1/3 of the house in an apartment we are renting. We had a contract and were going to be ready to close this past September. Not so. Bank of America decided at the last minute we would need 25% down instead of 5%. I'm not sure of their confusion- but it did cause a hiccup that in turn caused a thoought, and a rethought. and a canceling of the contract. (cold feet?) Since then Matt has set his eyes about 25 minutes north of down town - on a little farm in Hurdle Mills.

As we have been living in Durham for almost a year now, and have been contemplating buying here because the thought of renting makes me want to puke. money wasted! It is hard though, because there are SO MANY contributing factors to a decision like adding on another loan to your life- the liability. Here are the factors - not being pros or cons, but just facts that seem to matter.

-I really like living on 9th street because people are always walking and running by with dogs, etc. and to go to the shops down the street.
-Matt doesn't like living in Durham because people take his stuff. aka. our ar has been broken into twice and his hand tools are stolen/borrowed regularly at work.
-I really like living about 1 mile from where I work all the amenities I need because I can scoot everywhere.
-We both want to buy a house because I think renting is a waste of money.
-Taking on another loan is a huge responsibility.
-Matt and I have never lived in one place longer than 9 months together and typically "get the itch" every 6 months. (which I did already experience about 1 month ago in a sort of short wave)
-Matt wants to live in the country on a farm, with horses, cows, and pigs.
-If i live on a farm, I want a goat.
-We need a bigger back yard or more land for Callie (our little catahoula) to run around on.
-Our goal is to completely own our place of residence before we have children.

alright, I'm thinking this is all I can do for now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will and "Baby MATT" (another doting aunt post)

Will's first Monster Truck Rally

And the newest member of the Green Family: Matthew Anderson Green!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aunt Kate! x2!

Welcome to the world Matthew Anderson Green!!

And congrats to very tired and happy parents- Sandy and Bill, and also big brother Willis!

Yea!! There will be many pictures to come of course.
I couldn't be more excited!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day Wanderings

Okay. So I am sitting at home- with Matt and Cory. Today was supposed to be my first day of work at Duke but due to "inclement weather" it was canceled.

I've recently noted that in my spare time, my thoughts typically wander to a few (often repeated) topics. One is nursing and what it will be like to actually be working again and on top of that, in the ICU at Duke. I am still wondering about that as my position at Duke seems it will never come to fruition.

Another destination in my wandering has been to "the farm." That is, the ever evolving dream that matt and I toss back and forth about living in the country, having a few dogs, pigs, goats, and a cow or horse. When we are there, we are relaxed but we work hard. We plant and grow our own vegetables and we have fruit trees. In my mind, we have children that are able to run outside and play rough with big dogs who slobber all over their faces. We enjoy fires and reading stories aloud at night... and there is a wood shop and place for matt to be handy, while I have a kiln and the meager makings of a studio to piddle with.

The third destination (and slightly more frequent these past few days) is that of my small bakery/sweeterie that I own in Downtown Durham. Its quaint, warm, and smells of sugar and cream all the time. I live nearby and walk there in the mornings. People I know come in and stay and talk for hours over coffee while I may or may not be baking. It would be the kind of shop that is so quaint that you wonder how we pay for the lights to be on- (and I haven't quite figured that part out yet). But we would have local artists displaying their works on the walls and we would offer gourmet meals for take out so that busy people could eat dinner with their families and have good healthy food. And we could cater lunch meetings for people downtown- if they wanted. But mostly, it would be about sitting and talking over hot coffee and really delicious scones.

There are a couple building sites that I have often dreamt of having this exciting endeavor:

102 West Trinity Street
303 South Duke Street
638 Foster Street
517 North Gregson Street

Just a few. The sad part is, one of these sites is condemned and probably going to be torn down. I wrote an email to the board of the TTA about it today and would encourage anyone else who cares to write one too. Why tear down a perfectly restorable building in downtown? It would be a lovely sweeterie. Or anything for that matter- and I am sure that an empty lot wouldn't contribute to the community as much as the preservation/restoration of this historical building would. (mini soapbox). Props to Endangered Durham and all who care.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Porter at the park.

I am thinking about breeding Porter- because there needs to be more of him in this world. Actually, I guess I should say I am looking to stud him out. I haven't really figured out how to get into this market/inner circle of breeding yorkies... but I figure he'll do great if I can find someone interested. The problem is- no one knows what a yorkie-ton is, everytime I say what he is I get "a yorkie what?" So, we will see.

If anyone knows of a breeder wanting yorkie-tons, or of an owner of a yorkie female...let me know!